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McGee's Profile

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Full name: Timothy McGee.

Nickname: Timmy and Tim.

Date of Birth: Unknown.

Address: Unknown.

Cultural Background: Unknown.

Height: Unknown.

Weight: Unknown.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Green.

Peculiar Physical Traits: -

Health: -

Eating habits/mannerisms/tastes: -

Occupation: NCIS Special Agent.

Previous Law Enforcement Experience: Unknown.

Views on Money/Spending Habits: Unknown.

Education: Started at MIT when he was sixteen and went to John Hopkins.

Marital Status: Unmarried.

Birth Order: Unknown.

Religious Beliefs: Unknown.

Type of car: Takes the bus.

Most important possession: Unknown.

Hobbies: Unknown.

Talents: Computer hacking.

Greatest Fear: Unknown.

Significant Other: Abigail Sciuto, on and off girlfriend.

Lives with: Unknown.

Spend the most time with: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Mother: Unknown.

Grandfathers: Unknown.

Grandmothers: Unknown.

Cousins: Unknown.

Siblings: Has a younger sister, says she very messy. Is rumored to be the girl in his apartment in the season two episode 2.20 Red Cell.

Children: Unknown.

View of his boss/co-workers: Special Agent Gibbs: Father/Son. With Special Agent DiNozzo: Brotherly. With Special Agent Todd: Very good friends. With Forensic Specialist Sciuto: On and off girlfriend. With Medical examiner Mallard: Friend.

Hero: Unknown.

Episode Information:
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