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nikkinor [userpic]
Ducky's Profile
by nikkinor (nikkinor)
at April 8th, 2006 (10:43 am)

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Full name: Donald Mallard.

Nickname: Ducky.

Date of Birth: Unknown. But claims birth records were destroyed in World War II during the London Blitz.

Address: Unknown.

Cultural Background: British

Height: Unknown.

Weight: Unknown.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Blue/Grey.

Peculiar Physical Traits:

Health: Normal.

Eating habits/mannerisms/tastes: Eats a lot of pizza.

Occupation: NCIS Chief Medical Examiner.

Work History: Upon graduation began a private practice in London. After a promising start he claims his patient base mysteriously eroded. He soon turned to forensic medicine and his career thrived.

Previous Law Enforcement Experience: Prior to becoming an American Citizen, subject was a Medical Examiner for the City of London Police, Scotland Yard and the territory of Hong Kong. Rumors persist that Doctor Mallard may have also been involved with MI6 British Intelligence during the Cold War. He is known to have served one tour in Vietnam with an ANZAC unit.

Views on Money/Spending Habits:

Education: Graduated from Eton College with honors. Graduated Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland with honors.

Marital Status: Unmarried.

Birth Order: Unknown.

Religious Beliefs: Unknown.

Type of car: A vintage Morgan.

Most important possession: Unknown.

Hobbies: Played cricket and has group photographs of every team he ever played on. A disturbing propensity to talk to the dead…perhaps harboring some vague belief that their spirit dwells over the body.

Talents: Expertise in all areas of his field. Seemingly expert in all other…areas. Fluent in French, German, Swahili. Certified French Pastry Chef. Apparently knows or has worked with every Medical Examiner in CONUS.

Greatest Fear: Unknown.

Significant Other: Unknown.

Lives with: Mother and four Welsh Corgis.

Spend the most time with: Unknown.

Father: Unknown.

Mother: Mrs. Mallard, has dementia, lives with Ducky, and has four Welsh Corgis.

Grandfathers: Unknown.

Grandmothers: Unknown.

Cousins: Unknown.

Siblings: Has at least one brother or sister.

Children: Unknown.

Nephew: Refers to him while on a ladder at a crime scene.

View of his boss/co-workers: With Special Agent Gibbs: Good friends. With Special agent Todd: Father/Daughter. With Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto: Father/Daughter. With Special Agent DiNozzo: Like a worried father, Ducky looks out for him as best he can. With Special Agent McGee: Friends.

Hero: Unknown.

Episode Information: