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nikkinor [userpic]
Kill Ari Part 1 Transcripts
by nikkinor (nikkinor)
at April 8th, 2006 (10:57 am)

Kill Ari Part 1 Transcripts

DUCKY: Sorry, Caitlin. I am so sorry.

KATE: Why me Gibbs? Wasn't stopping one bullet enough for you? Why did I have to take two?
GIBBS: I don't know.
KATE: You don't know? Come on Gibbs, what's that famous gut telling you? Why did I die instead if you?
TONY: Found Ari's snipers nest, boss.
MCGEE: Roof up in an abandoned office building to the east.
TONY: Didn't place his brass
MCGEE: There Lapua 308's. Why...Uh...I didn't mean that you couldn't that boss.
GIBBS: I can't with out my glasses. Lapuas match grade sniper ammo, you guys find and bullets?
TONY: Uh, non that matched the casings; I left three guys on the roof searching. McGee and I will go back up to the roof, boss.
GIBBS: Tony, your soakin' wet, go put some dry cloths on.
GIBBS: Ari's rooftop wasn't much higher than ours; rooflines behind us were lower. No telling how far a full metal jacket would go after killing Kate.
MCGEE: How's he know it's a full metal jacket?
TONY: Did you see Kate?
MCGEE: I didn't want to.
TONY: Her head was intact.
MCGEE: So, she didn't look bad?
TONY: No, no not at all Probie. In fact, a little mortuary putty right here, she'll be good as new. Course she was having a bad hair day though, right back here, cause a full metal jacket'll put a hole the size of a grape fruit right about there...
MCGEE: Tony, please?
TONY: I'm sorry kid.
GIBBS: Three rounds. Only one hit?
TONY: Well, he must have popped off a couple rounds when you were weaving across the roof.
GIBBS: I was standing still when Kate was shot.
TONY: McGee lasered the distance at nearly 600 meters.
TONY: Slight shift in the wind, he misses you, he hits Kate.
GIBBS: There was no wind.
TONY: What are you saying, he was aiming at Kate? You're the one he wants to kill.
MCGEE: Ari had a thing for Kate.
TONY: What are you talking about?
MCGEE: She told me that he was always coming on to her...in autopsy, when he kidnapped her and let her go...
TONY: She never told me that.
MCGEE: Gee, what a surprise.
TONY: What?
GIBBS: Don't do that, Tony.When was this hit, Tim?
MCGEE: When I was pinned down.
GIBBS: Ari have a shot at it?
MCGEE: Our car was between the terrorist and the controller there's no way he could have hit it. Boss, I'm...I'm sorry. I should've realized that it was Ari.
TONY: Why didn't he pop McGee?
MCGEE: Oh, thanks, Tony.
TONY: All I'm saying is, you're a sizable target, the controller isn't.
MCGEE: You saying I'm fat?
TONY: No...I mean, maybe a little around the waist, under the chin.
GIBBS: He didn't have an angle on Tim.
TONY; Well, you owe that shooter from the warehouse a "thank you." He saved your life.
GIBBS: The bullet entered here. It could have ricocheted into the car.
MCGEE: I'll...I'll get on it.
GIBBS: Abby should be in by now. Tony...see what she can pull off that brass.I'm going for coffee. Can I get you boys some?
MCGEE: No, thanks.
TONY: That's a first.
MCGEE: He called me Tim.
TONY: He patted my back.
MCGEE: It was kinda nice.
TONY: Nice?! I don't want nice. He's not Gibbs if he's nice.

KATE: You’re a mess girl. Red eyes, no makeup, if ever there was a time for black lipstick, it's now. Remember when we first met? Haha. I couldn't believe you were a forensic scientist. I thought Goths had bats for pets, or vise versa.
ABBY: I really liked you, Kate. A lot.
KATE: Don't start that again, where are your pigtails? I love you in pigtails. That's better. You were persistent, Abbs. First the dark lipstick, then the black fingernail polish, next thing you know, I have a tat on my bum.
ABBY: Hehe.
KATE: Oh God, Ducky's gonna see it.
K and A laugh.
KATE: I'm dead and I'm embarrassed.
ABBY: Haha.
TONY: Abby?
ABBY: Hey, Tony.
TONY: You ok?
ABBY: I will be, as soon as I tie up my pigtails. There. What can I do for you? What?
TONY: You’re weirder than Gibbs.
ABBY: How so?
TONY: He's being nice.
ABBY: Gibbs is always nice.
TONY: To you and Ducky maybe, me he growls at and smacks on the head.
ABBY: Which makes you feel wanted.
TONY: Yeah.
ABBY: What do you got for me?
TONY: 308 casings from Ari's snipers nest.
ABBY: You would have to give me the most popular caliber in the world.
TONY: Well, hey. I just found them. Can you tell what weapon he used?
ABBY: A 308.
TONY: what model 308?
ABBY: You don't know?
TONY: Would I be asking?
ABBY: Well, how I'm supposed to know?
TONY: Because your the fire arms expert.
ABBY: That I am. And when I'm gone, I will tell you the propellant, the primer, the percentage of nickel and copper in the brass, whether or no all three rounds where fired from the same weapon, which you assume but I can prove or disprove. I will tell you who manufactured the ammo, the batch number, and perhaps where it was sold. I will also with some degree of accuracy tell you if it was fired from a lever action, a bolt action, a semi-automatic, or an automatic weapon. How ever, there is no way in hell I can tell you which of the eighty-seven different 308 models fired those rounds!
TONY: The rounds are Lapua.
ABBY: What?
TONY: Lapoos made the ammo, logos on the rim.
ABBY: Tony, I'm gonna miss her.
TONY: Me too.

TONY: You hit?
ABBY: No. Your heavy.
TONY: Sorry.
ABBY: God, no wonder you’re so heavy, Tony, you’re all muscle.
TONY: Abby, sh.
ABBY: Hey, got a nice booty too.
TONY: Hey, is this how you deal with getting shot at?
ABBY: I don't know, it's my first time.
GIBBS: Abby?
TONY: Boss, down. Taken fire.
GIBBS: You ok?
ABBY: Yeah.
GIBBS: Close off Anacostia Park between something(?). Tell metro cops it's a crime scene.
GIBBS: Wait, what if he has a night vision scope?
TONY: That's a good point, boss.
GIBBS: I will get you bulletproof glass.
ABBY: There's no such thing, Gibbs.
GIBBS: Ok, bullet resistant glass.
ABBY: Ari didn't shoot at you and hit Kate by mistake did he? He's after me now.
GIBBS: I was walking by that window when he fired.
ABBY: Your just saying that to make me feel safe.
GIBBS: I'll keep you safe Abby, I promise.

KATE: I appreciate you keeping my covered in front of the others, especially Tony.
DUCKY: Yes, I know how modest you are.
KATE: Were. I dead now Ducky. Shouldn't be, could have killed Ari right here in autopsy.
[Flashback from Bete Noire]
DUCKY: Why did you hesitate?
KATE: His eyes. There was something in his eyes that made me not wanna kill him.
DUCKY: His eyes were ice to me.
GIBBS: Ari fired into Abby's lab.
DUCKY: Good Lord.
GIBBS: It had to come from across the river from Anacostia Park.
DUCKY: Was Abigail hurt?
GIBBS: No. She's a little shook up, Tony's with her.
DUCKY: In the lab?
GIBBS: In the squad room, writing up an incident report. Should have brought in another M.E., Duck.
DUCKY: Couldn't. Not for Caitlin.
GIBBS: I've lost men in combat. You hope you won't, you know you will.
DUCKY: This is different.
GIBBS: But it shouldn't be. Kate was an agent, she knew she had to lay her life on the line. But your right, it's different.
DUCKY: You just said it, you've lost men, have you ever lost a woman? Just face it Jethro, you and I are a couple of old chauvinists. Women will never be equal in our eyes till their equal in death.
GIBBS: Why Ducky? Why Kate, why not me?
DUCKY: Well, maybe he meant to hit you?
GIBBS: No, no. Him sniping Abby means he's after my people, women first.
DUCKY: Then he's torturing you. One has to wonder what made him such a sadist.
GIBBS: I don't give a damn! I just wanna kill the bastard!

ABBY: Hey, McGee, take a look at this! I think... it's a .308. Stop staring at my butt and get me an evidence jar.
MCGEE: Drop it.
ABBY: I found another one!
MCGEE: Boss, uh, we-we-we we found a .308 slug.
ABBY: Two. They were plugged in the trunk.
GIBBS: These fired by that dirtbag in the warehouse?
ABBY: Those, I found in the right side of the car. Nine mill. slugs.
GIBBS: Ari missed with his first shot, hit the controller with his second. Where were you before you took cover?
MCGEE: Uh, right here.
GIBBS: Tony's right. You do owe that terrorist a thank you.
TONY: He didn't police his brass again. Metro PD found a .308 casing in the park next to tire tracks.
TONY: Nothing.
GIBBS: I was waiting for you to tell me...
TONY: ...to tell them to bring the evidence here ASAP.
GIBBS: And I have to tell you that, DiNozzo?
TONY: You always do.
GIBBS: Tell Metro PD to...
TONY: Already did, boss. Oh, and by the way, the director wants to see you up in MTAC.
ABBY: Why are you baiting Gibbs?
TONY: Trying to get him to stop being nice.
MCGEE: I like him nice.

MORROW: What do you have?
GIBBS: Brass from Ari's sniper's nest. Three bullets. Tire tracks in Anacostia Park, where he fired a shot across the river into our forensics lab.
MORROW: Unusual for a sniper not to police his brass, isn't it?
GIBBS: Yes, sir.
MORROW: I've received calls from every director I know promising to hunt down this sniper as if he'd killed one of their own.
GIBBS: FBI might be the most help. Ari Haswari is their mole.
MORROW: I endorsed your recommendation to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Special Agent Todd.
GIBBS: Thank you, sir.
MORROW: According to your after-action report, no one actually saw the sniper who killed Agent Todd.
GIBBS: Ari was on a rooftop 600 meters away.
MORROW: Extraordinary shot.
GIBBS: No, sir, not really.
MORROW: You were a sniper with the Corps, weren't you?
GIBBS: Two tours.
MORROW: Vietnam?
GIBBS: I'm not that old, sir. Panama and Desert Storm.
MORROW: Thought you were older.
RANDOM: Target vehicle approaching. We have a hard lock.
RANDOM: Target confirmed. Engage. Weapon free.
RANDOM: Good lock, on target.
MORROW: Where was I?
GIBBS: Avoiding using Ari's name and the word sniper in the same sentence... sir.
MORROW: Your anger is understandable, Jethro. You lost an agent. You want payback.
GIBBS: No, sir.
It's a passion I can't afford.
GIBBS: You honestly think it wasn't Ari?
MORROW: No, but there are those who do.
GIBBS: Those who ran him. Those who thought they had the Holy Grail of moles. Those people covering their asses right now.
MORROW: Make sure you cover yours when you bring him in.
GIBBS: Won't be a problem, sir. But I won't be bringing him in.
MORROW: Anyway, you're not my problem anymore, Jethro.
GIBBS: You firing me, sir?
MORROW: I've been offered a Deputy Director's position at Homeland Security.
GIBBS: You'd leave NCIS, sir?
MORROW: Well, the agency could use some younger blood.
GIBBS: Well, who'd be replacing you, sir? Not me!
MORROW: Much as I like you, Jethro, I would not shoot NCIS in the head. He's your problem now, Director.
JENNY: Hello, Jethro. Should we skip the "you haven't changed a bit" bull?
GIBBS: Why start lying to each other now, Jen?
JENNY: Any problem taking orders from me?
GIBBS: As Director or as a woman?
JENNY: Either.
GIBBS: It was six years ago. The past won't be a problem. You were a damn good agent. Especially undercover.
JENNY: Jethro.
GIBBS: Madam Director.
JENNY: You have no physical evidence linking Ari to the shootings. No wonder agencies here and abroad have doubts.
GIBBS: This bastard already killed one my people. He's trying to kill more, and I'll tell you something else, no suit with a tight sphincter is getting in my way, and that includes you, Jen.
JENNY: Special Agent Gibbs. On the job, it is "Director Shepard" or "ma'am."
GIBBS: Okay, what about off the job?
JENNY: There won't be any "off the job," Agent Gibbs.
GIBBS: That's too bad. I missed you, Jen.
JENNY: Don't make this difficult, Jethro.
GIBBS: Fair enough. Won't happen again. Director?
JENNY: We can continue this conversation in private.
GIBBS: Got to change my clothes; we can talk on the way to the house
JENNY: Gibbs...!
GIBBS: I got a dead agent and a sniper on the loose.
JENNY: I do not have ten minutes to spare.
GIBBS: Tony, where are we?
TONY: McGee and Abby are working firearms analysis. I'm matching...tire tracks to vehicles.
GIBBS: No one's to leave the building. McGee's on protection detail with Abby. We'll be back in an hour.

KATE: Your mother should have washed your mind out with soap. Gibbs leaves with a woman and your only thought is, nooner.
TONY: Was not.
KATE: Was too. I've always known what you where thinking, Tony. What? what are you up to? Tony? I just died and you’re having a sexual fantasy?
TONY: Can't help it.
KATE: DiNozzo?!
TONY: Sometimes I use to picture you naked.
KATE: (screams)
TONY: (after realizing Ziva is stand to the side of his desk) I'll call you back. Hi. I was just...
ZIVA: Having phone sex?
TONY: Phone sex, no. Uh, charades.
ZIVA: Charades? Like a...
TONY: You've played.
ZIVA: Never on the telephone.
TONY: Yeah, my partner and I were coming up with quotes for Saturday night.
ZIVA: You play charades on Saturday nights?
TONY: To kill time before I go clubbing. Who are you?
ZIVA: Ziva David, Mossad.
TONY: Your Israeli?
ZIVA: Very good, the way you made that connection: Mossad, Israeli.
TONY: What can I do for you Ms. David?
ZIVA: Nothing, I'm here to see Special Agent Gibbs.
TONY: How do you know I'm not Gibbs?
ZIVA: Gibbs?
TONY: He'll be back in an hour. You sure I can't help you?
ZIVA: I don't think so.
TONY: we got off to a bad start, I'm Special Agent Tony DiNozzo. I wasn't playing charades, I was remembering my partner.
ZIVA: Naked?
TONY: No. Yes. I...I was just. Look, I'm not the only man who does it.
ZIVA: Oh, women do it too, with handsome men. And even an occasional woman.
TONY: Now you’re teasing me.
ZIVA: Didn't your partner tease you?
TONY: Not about sex, Kate was kinda puritanical.
ZIVA: Sorry.
TONY: It didn't matter, I wasn't interested in her, we were...partner.
ZIVA: She wasn't attractive?
TONY: She was, not to me.
ZIVA: Then why did you imagine her naked?
TONY: Ms. David, you can sit there and slouch provocatively for an hour, if you'd like. Or you can tell me what you need and maybe I can help.
ZIVA: You can't help because I'm here to stop Special Agent Gibbs from killing a Mossad Officer.
TONY: Ari Haswari?
ZIVA: Yes.
TONY: I'd wish ya luck, but I want to bastard dead too.

JENNY: Is this the same boat that you were building six years ago?
GIBBS: Nope.
JENNY: What happened to it?
GIBBS: Burned her.
JENNY: Why would you...You named it after an ex-wife?
GIBBS: Lets go.
JENNY: Which one?
GIBBS: You know damn well which one.
JENNY: Why didn't you change the name?
GIBBS: Because, it would matter, every time I went out on her I'd think of Dian.
JENNY: You could have sold it.
GIBBS: And watch some other guy sail off on her?
JENNY: You didn't care who sailed off on Dian? Leroy Jethro Gibbs, you are a strange man.
GIBBS: Me? You were a good Agent Jen.
JENNY: Were?
GIBBS: Yeah, Directors job is pure politics.
JENNY: I'm good at politics, NCIS needs someone who can shake the money tree on the hill and work with sister agencies.
GIBBS: Wait, you won't call a boat a she, but it's sister agencies?
JENNY: I'm a schizoid libber, comes from working with chauvinists like you.
GIBBS: I can't believe you'd give up fieldwork for rubber chicken dinners.
JENNY: I don't think they serve that dish at Polaina.
GIBBS: Never heard of it.
JENNY: why would you, it isn't takeout.
GIBBS: So which of the tight sphincters is taking you out to dinner, please tell me it's not Fornell?
JENNY: CBS Early Show. They want background before I go on TV.
GIBBS: Jen, Jen, you can't do that.
JENNY: Excuse me?
GIBBS: Ari is a chauvinists, he is taking out the women I work with before me.
JENNY: Jethro, people who should know don't believe Ari is the sniper, and you haven't provided any evidence to prove them wrong.
GIBBS: You ever doubted me?
JENNY: Professionally, never.
GIBBS: Why are you doubting me now?
JENNY: I have to establish a working relationship with these people.
GIBBS: Who are you going to side with Jen, them or me?
JENNY: Give me a tough question.

MCGEE: What is with this music?
ABBY: I'm playing it out of respect for Kate.
MCGEE: I thought you were from New Orleans.
MCGEE: Well, don't they play jazz at funerals?
ABBY: Coming from the cemetery after the body has been buried. On the way to the cemetery, we play a dirge. Do you know what a dirge is, Timmy?
MCGEE: Creepy music.
ABBY: Can you go back to the squad room and let me do my job?
MCGEE: I can't.
ABBY: Why?
MCGEE; Gibbs...Gibbs told me to watch over you.
ABBY: That is so sweet!

ZIVA: You're from a wealthy family.
TONY: Really?
ZIVA: Born and raised on the East Coast. New England boarding school. Spent some time in the Midwest and Philadelphia.
TONY: How would you know that?
JENNY: Shalom.
ZIVA: Shalom, Jen. Did I miss it?
JENNY: Yes, you did. But we didn't.
GIBBS: You first.
TONY: Ziva David. Mossad. She's here to stop you from whacking Ari. Yours?
GIBBS: Director Jenny Shepard. Same mission.
TONY: Which agency?
GIBBS: Ours.
TONY: Yeah?
JENNY: Special Agent Gibbs. Ziva David. Mossad. Ziva.
ZIVA: Director Shepard has spoken often of you.
GIBBS: Really?
JENNY: Ziva and I worked anti-terrorist ops since 9/11. You saw one today in MTAC.
GIBBS: That was yours?
ZIVA: I only acquired the intel.
TONY: Excuse me.
JENNY: Yes, I really am the new NCIS director.
TONY: Yeah. Good to have you back, boss.
GIBBS: Miss David, if Ari's not a Mossad mole but a terrorist?
ZIVA: Mine, I suppose. Since I'm his control officer.
GIBBS: Ah, they promote control officers young in Mossad.
ZIVA: Have to. The good ones are dead at your age.
GIBBS: Do you know how I located Ari's terrorist cell?
ZIVA: GPS fix off his encrypted cell phone. He wanted you to know the terrorists' location so you could stop the missile instead of him, which would have necessitated blowing his cover.
GIBBS: Only an NSA satellite can GPS an encrypted phone. Ari didn't know I had that asset.
ZIVA: You give him less credit than he gives you. Who hung up first, you or him? Ari knows a fix takes only 19 seconds.When Sharon visited Bush, Ari's Hamas cell kidnapped Agent Todd. Why didn't he kill her instead of freeing her to warn the Secret Service?
GIBBS; I don't know. Why don't you arrange a meet, and he can tell me?
ZIVA: Ari Haswari is a Mossad operative undercover in Hamas. He hasn't turned on us or you. He didn't kill Agent Todd.
JENNY: Gibbs, even if you're right, we owe them proof.
ZIVA: That's all we ask. Don't kill the wrong man.
GIBBS: Like Mossad did in Norway?
ZIVA: That mistake cost us dearly.
GIBBS: Not as dearly as the Palestinian waiter you killed.
JENNY: Ziva, assure your deputy director that, even though Ari Haswari is a suspect, no action will be taken unless we have evidentiary proof. Proof before action.

MCGEE: You were my sweet super hero, Kate.
KATE: You’re a naughty boy, Timmy.
MCGEE: Oh my God, I'm becoming Tony.
KATE: Hehe
MCGEE: Oh, wow.
ABBY: Wow what?
MCGEE: Uh...I...Um...I...I...
ABBY: stop 'I...Um'ing McGee, spit it out.
MCGEE: Uh...I...I was thinking about Kate.
ABBY: Me too. I still kinda feel like she's here ya know.

GIBBS: I want you on Ziva's ass.
TONY: She's not really my type boss...
GIBBS: To tail her.
TONY: I know that.
GIBBS: She's been in contact with Ari, it's the only why she could know I hung up on him.
TONY: Oh, I don't want you to get pissed...
GIBBS: Thought you wanted me pissed?
TONY: I did, it was kinda weird when you were being nice, not that you’re not nice..I mean...Uh...
GIBBS: Will ya spit it out DiNozzo?
TONY: what if Ziva's right and Ari know you'd trace the call? Maybe he wasn't the sniper?
GIBBS: She is right, Ari wanted me to raid the warehouse. He set me up, and it cost Kate her life.
TONY: Is he a mole or a terrorist?
GIBBS: Whatever works to play his game.
TONY: If Ziva leads me to Ari?
GIBBS: Shadow him and call me.
TONY: So you can bring him in?
GIBBS: Yeah, so I can bring him in....to autopsy.

ABBY; The FBI database gave me six weapons whose rifling patterns fit the bullets you recovered.I've been able to eliminate all but three--two SWAT weapons; the Tango 51 and the Bravo 51. And this...
GIBBS: My old friend.A Marine M-40 A-1 sniper rifle.
MCGEE: It looks sweet the way you own that, boss.
GIBBS: Sweet?
MCGEE: Uh, yeah, it's an expression; it means...
GIBBS: Yeah, I know what it means, McGee. You think Ari looked "sweet" when he shot Kate?
MCGEE: Of course not, boss.
ABBY: My vote is for the Tango or Bravo 51's. What do you think, Gibbs?
GIBBS: Your test rounds show more gouging than Ari's. He was hand-loading and moly-coating.
ABBY: You are so good!
MCGEE: Moly-coating?
ABBY: Yeah. Molybdenum disulfide. It's a lubricant. It decreases barrel wear and increases accuracy.
GIBBS: McGee, run a trace on Tango and Bravo 51 sales last six weeks, Tri-State area. Check the Bravo first.
MCGEE: On it, boss.
GIBBS: Any prints on the brass?
ABBY: No. Is your gut telling you something?
GIBBS: Yeah. I need coffee.
ABBY: No, Gibbs. Come on. This isn't just another investigation. Todd was your agent,but Kate was my friend. So can you just stop it with the John Wayne stare and tell me what your gut says?
GIBBS: What don't I believe in, Abby?
ABBY: UFOs, mystics, coincidence, saying you're sorry, excuses... I could go on all night.
GIBBS: As a Marine sniper, I used hand-loaded, Lapua, .308, boat-tail, full metal jacket, moly-coated bullets.
ABBY: Gibbs...
GIBBS: You know what a sniper calls a Bravo 51?
GIBBS: A Kate.

ARI: My shoulder hurts when it rains, too, Gerald.

DUCKY: Good night, Kate. Autopsy.
GERALD: Hello, Dr. Mallard.
DUCKY: Gerald! How are you, my dear fellow?
GERALD: I've been better.
DUCKY: Oh, what's wrong?
ARI: He's having flashbacks.
DUCKY: Who are you?
ARI: Oh, I'm hurt. You don't recognize my voice?
DUCKY: You bastard!
ARI: You do remember me.
DUCKY: If you harm Gerald...
ARI: I have no intention of harming Gerald. I think one ruined shoulder is enough. It certainly is for me.
DUCKY: What do you want?
ARI: A professional courtesy; one doctor to another.
DUCKY: Yes, well, I'd be most willing to provide a free autopsy.
ARI: Dr. Mallard, I want to prove I didn't kill Caitlin.
DUCKY: By taking Gerald hostage?
ARI: Gerald is free to go if you'll listen to my side of this tragedy.
DUCKY: I'm listening.
ARI: It's a long story and I'd hate to have somebody trace this call.
DUCKY: Well, no one is here, but me...a..and Caitlin.
ARI: It must have been a difficult autopsy for you. I am truly sorry, Doctor.
DUCKY: Oh, get on with it.
ARI: Will you meet me alone?
DUCKY: What happens to Gerald?
ARI: Come alone and you can exchange places.
GERALD: Doctor, don't come. He'll kill you.
ARI: Learn to trust, Gerald. I may have shot you in the shoulder, but I've never lied to you. Doctor?
DUCKY: You have my word.
ARI: Thank you.

KATE: Revaluating your convictions? How many times did you tell me there's no such thing as a coincidence?
JENNY: Jethro, I know it's been a difficult day for both of us.
GIBBS: That's what my DI use to say. Never believed him. Jen, you going to dinner with CBS?
JENNY: I am.
GIBBS: Don't do that interview....please.
JENNY: I'll see if I can delay it a few days.
GIBBS: Good.
JENNY: Good night, Jethro.
GIBBS: Nigh.
JENNY: Ducky, how nice to see you again.
DUCKY: And you, congratulations.
JENNY: Going home?
DUCKY: Um, yes.
GIBBS: Ducky.

ARI: So, are you back at work, Gerald?
GERALD: Next week.
ARI: I've always found that work is the best...A vintage Morgan, how Ducky. Flash your lights...Roll down your window...Now wait in the good doctor's car while we talk.