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nikkinor [userpic]
Ari's Profile
by nikkinor (nikkinor)
at April 8th, 2006 (10:29 am)

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Full name: Ari Haswari

An Israeli Mossad double Agent who was working for Hamas to get information for Mossad. Killed NCIS Special Agent Caitlin Todd in 2.23 Twilight and was killed in 3.02 Kill Are Part 2, though there is speculation on whether or not he is truly dead. Has one known half-sister, Ziva David. His father is Mossad Deputy Director David. His mother was Asmia Haswari.

Was first seen in 1.16 Bete Noire when he was sent to NCIS to retrieve evidence of a Hamas terrorist in Norfolk. He held Chief Medical Examiner Donald Mallard, Assistant Medical Examiner Gerald Jackson, and Special Agent Caitlin Todd hostage in the NCIS morgue during the episode, shot Gerald in the left shoulder, shot Special Agent Jethro Gibbs in right shoulder, and escaped by the end of the episode.

He was seen next in 1.23 Reveille when he kidnapped Agent Todd to help with a Hamas mission to assassinate the Israeli and American Presidents. That was when Special Agent Gibbs found out the identity of Ari Haswari. In the end Agent Todd was returned and Agent Gibbs got a meeting with Ari. Ari was shot right shoulder by Agent Gibbs at the end of the episode.

His final appearances were in 2.23 Twilight when he shot Special Agent Caitlin Todd in the forehead with a sniper rifle and killed her. Then in the two-part season three opener, Haswari shot at Abigail Sciuto, held Gerald Jackson hostage in his car, kidnapped Dr. Donald Mallard, then was shot in the forehead by Mossad Agent Ziva David(his own sister).